6 Best Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

If you own a business or frankly any property, you need to be able to control who can enter your buildings and properties. Access control today is much more than locking a door and keeping the key in a safe location. 

Now, you don’t even need to physically be on site to control access to your buildings and properties. With cloud-based access control, you can control and manage access from anywhere. 

Here, we provide an overview of the main features of the six best cloud-based access control systems

Cloud Door Controllers

What is a Cloud-Based Access Control System? 

Cloud-based access control systems allow you to manage your access control from the cloud. This means you can manage everything on one system remotely as long as you have a device and internet access. 

For example, you can add a new user and give them specific permissions, revoke access to a user, and look at trends and past events from anywhere. You can even temporarily open a door for a visitor, all with your phone or other device. 

Most systems work via an online portal you can access via an app. All of the information is stored in the cloud, so there is no need for a server on the property. Typically, updates, new software, and bug fixes are installed automatically. Automating these processes saves you time, and cloud-based systems are usually cheaper than maintaining a server. 

Cloud-based access control systems, supported by IT Managed Services Providers, allow you to manage your access control from the cloud.

The Best Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

Many of the cloud-based access control systems have similar features, but of course, each is a bit different. When deciding on the right platform for your business, take into account both what the company has to offer as well as how much they charge for their service. 

  1. Verkada 

The Verkada cloud-based access control system integrates with security cameras, so you can see video of who is trying to access in real-time. There is no limit to the number of doors, credentials, and buildings you can add to your management system, and there is no overhead to scale your system. Users can use Bluetooth for easy entry, eliminating the need for key cards or fobs. 

The platform makes it easy to manage everything remotely, including directories, schedules, and groups. You can also look at the system’s history and investigate any events. 

Verkada’s system helps improve security by making it easy to lock down your buildings remotely with one tap. You can also customize the notifications you get about security threats. 

The system doesn’t need to be completely wireless and remote, however. They offer hybrid cloud access controllers that work for both hardwired doors and wireless locks. This stores data on the device, which helps during power or internet outages.  

verkada alarm system
  1. Openpath

Openpath offers fully remote access control management on the platform’s dashboard. For example, you can give credentials, revoke access, customize entries, and customize schedules across all users and building sites. Scaling the system is easy; you can have unlimited sites, doors, users, roles, and groups. 

The platform offers end-to-end encryption for increased security, and they also provide automatic updates. On the platform, you can view activity logs that can be synced with video. Opt to view live security footage as well as footage synced with access events. You can also choose which alerts you want to receive and troubleshoot with 24/7 support. 

Openpath supports touchless entry, and it even integrates with apps like Slack, Onelogin, and Google Workspace. 

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Openpath access control
  1. Brivo

Brivo’s cloud-based access control system allows users to open doors seamlessly with their phones. There is an app for users and administrators with different features depending on the person’s credentials. 

Administrators can manage all parts of security and access control on one platform in the cloud. For example, you can open or lock doors remotely. You can also assign roles, revoke access, lock doors, unlock doors, arm or disarm alarms, and lock down entire buildings. You can also track occupancy, which is important for safety. 

Integrate your Brivo system with video surveillance so you can sync access events to security camera footage. This is also available via the app. 

Brivo access control
  1. Kisi

The Kisi cloud-based access control system can be standalone, or you can integrate it with what you already have for access control. If you want, you can keep the locks you have and add Kisi cloud-based access control, or you can get Kisi devices as well. 

Kisi allows for a lot of automation to save you time, and it can integrate with many third parties. For example, connect your user management system to automatically give new users access as soon as they are in the system. 

From Kisi’s cloud-based platform, you can grant permissions, unlock a door, read data on occupancy, review access events, and get notifications. Users can also use their phones for touchless entry. 

If you choose, you can hardwire a controller, but you can also fully monitor your system remotely 24/7. 

Kisi Door Entry Features
  1. Prodatakey

Prodatakey’s cloud-based access control system allows you to scale your access control for any size. It uses an intuitive management platform, and you can completely manage everything remotely. The platform also makes it simple to see and know the lock status of all doors. 

You can opt for notifications and lock or unlock doors from the management platform. Users can use their phones as contactless access cards. In addition to the cloud-based access control platform, Prodatakey includes a cloud node controller on site. 

  1. Alarm.com

Alarm.com offers one cloud-based platform to manage all security including access control. You can easily integrate your security events with video to view surveillance footage connected to all access events. Regardless of how many properties or buildings you have, you can view and manage everything through one login. 

Remote access allows you to add or delete users remotely, and you can view insight reports regarding the security as well as other factors in your building. This can help you easily make decisions surrounding the security of your building. You can also get a clear visual of the status of each location on the platform’s dashboard. For stronger security, Alarm.com allows you to customize notifications as well.

Alarm.Com App

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