Schlage vs Emtek: Choosing the Right Door Hardware

Commercial door locks present a range of advantages over their traditional and residential counterparts. The primary benefits lie in their superior security features compared to standard door locks. 

When choosing the right door locks for your home or business, Emtek and Schlage door locks are two prominent contenders.

These leading brands are an indispensable security measure for any business premises, safeguarding your establishment against break-ins and other criminal activities.

But which is considered better for door levers regarding quality and features? Here’s our quick Schlage vs Emtek comparison.

Comparing Schlage & Emtek Door Locks

Emtek EMpowered Wireless Keypad Lock

Emtek locks shine in the style department. They’re like the trendsetters of door hardware and high-quality locks, offering many modern and updated designs. It’s like having a fashion show for your doors.

On the other hand, Schlage offers more affordable products, letting you secure your business more practically.

Both brands allow you to customize with different backplate designs and finishes to match your interior decor.

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Emtek vs Schlage Cheat Sheet

ReputationBHMA Rating AAA-CCCANSI/BHMA Grade 1-3
Price Rangearound $30 to $1000around 100 to more than $1000
Key ControlKey duplication easeRestricted key control
Ease of InstallationEast installationEast installation
Accessibility FeaturesSchlage Home AppYale Access App
Product AvailabilityWidely Available Special Order Items
Electronic FeaturesSense Smart DeadboltEMPowered Smart Lock
Smart Home CompatibilityOffline, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth CompatibleOffline, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Compatible

Key Differences

Door Levers

Emtek and Schlage used almost the same finishes on their levers. Some door levers from Emtek used wrought steel, polished nickel brass, solid forged brass, bright brass, and other finishes. 

On the other hand, Schlage used satin brass, satin nickel, matte black, and aged bronze.

These materials are some of the most durable and versatile styles. However, based on the materials used, you would notice that Emtek features a more solid build.

Door Knob “Feel”

Schlage Door Lock

When it comes to the “feel” of an excellent door knob, Emtek excels, offering a solid and luxurious tactile experience. In contrast, some users have found Schlage to have a less substantial and somewhat “hollow” feel to their knobs. 

For those willing to spend money, Emtek door locks and hardware stand out in a more expensive price range than Schlage. 

While Schlage is favored for security by locksmiths, Emtek wins in providing a premium feel to your knobs.

Customization & Design Options

While Schlage’s products share similar qualities and features, Emtek strongly emphasizes design and customization, providing various finishes and materials.

Suppose you’re seeking other door hardware that allows for a truly unique and personalized touch. In that case, Emtek stands out with its extensive options, making it the go-to choice for design-conscious individuals.

Lock Styles & Finishes

While both brands feature high-quality door knobs, deadbolts, and other hardware styles, Emtek offers a broader range of door lock styles and finishes. 

Emtek also offers full customization of lock styles, including art nouveau, American classics, American designer, and rustic living. It allows you to specify the type of product you want for one lockset as your order. 

In contrast, Schlage locks lean towards a classic and traditional style, offering three lock styles and four finishes.

Available Products

Emtek EMpowered Wireless Motorized Keypad Lock

Schlage and Emtek offer various products, including knobs, smart locks, deadbolts, handle sets, keyless locks, and other door accessories. 

The real difference lies in customization and design options, with Emtek offering a broader range of finishes and designs while Schlage has budget-friendly options.

Lock Types

Schlage produces a wide selection of lock types, while Emtek is known for more durable designs and door lock types. Depending on your preference, Schlage produces electrical locks, smart locks, and single and double-cylinder deadbolts.

Meanwhile, Emtek makes tubular locks, side plates, and electrical and mortise locks. They also employ a deadbolt mechanism, which enhances security. 


Regarding warranties, both Schlage and Emtek offer lifetime limited warranty coverage for their door hardware, encompassing mechanical and finish wear.

Schlage and Emtek warranties do not cover the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish because it is designed to change appearance over time to create a rustic aged look. 

Additionally, Emtek does not cover other live finishes like Rust, Deep Burgundy, Flat Black Patina, and Silver Patina. 

Keyway Type

Both brands offer various keyway types, including the widely used Schlage C keyway, to cater to different security requirements. It is a cost-effective choice for basic physical security with unrestricted key duplication. 

Schlage emerges as the winner in this aspect, as their standard cylinder design offers greater flexibility and compatibility. It also offers high-security key lines like Everest Primus XP and Everest. 

Keyed locks come with additional keys. 

Quality Of Materials

Brass knobs are known for their durability and corrosion resistance. They were the earlier yet most popular choice for door knobs [1]

While both brands share many features, especially in similar product categories, Emtek’s commitment to solid brass construction gives their products an edge in longevity and craftsmanship.

This difference in materials often leads to Emtek being priced higher than Schlage. 

Keyless Entry Options

Schlage Encode Plus

Schlage’s keyless door locks, including keypads and touchscreens, provide straightforward and user-friendly access for keyless entry options.

Emtek, on the other hand, introduces their Emtek EMPowered Smart Lock Keypad Deadbolt, a modern keyless smart lock type with a touchscreen for access codes. 

Both brands excel in this category, prioritizing user-friendly design and versatility in keyless entry for business owners. 


Is Emtek compatible with Schlage?

Yes, Emtek is compatible with Schlage because it generally uses the Schlage C keyway. But for more customized products, you may need to replace both the lock and key system for compatibility.

Which is better for interior doors, Emtek or Schlage?

If you are looking for affordable hardware for interior doors, Schlage is the better choice. However, various types of commercial door locks include Dutch, French (double doors), hinged, and sliding [2]

So, to customize your hardware to fit those types, Emtek is the better choice.

On A Final Note

Ultimately, your decision between Emtek and Schlage door locks will hinge on your preferences and needs. Schlage offers affordability and reliability with its various door locks, deadbolts, smart locks, and levers, making it ideal for many businesses and homeowners. 

On the other hand, Emtek door locks bring high-end craftsmanship and customization, perfect for those who prioritize style and uniqueness to fit their business interior and theme. 

Consider your budget, security requirements, and design preferences when choosing.

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