A Business Guide to Remote Security Monitoring

California Governor Gavin Newsom has committed to spending over $300 million in state funding to combat business crime over the next three years. He explains, “The issue of crime and violence is top of mind throughout not only the state of California but across the United States, highlighted recently by some high-profile retail theft operations.”

This grant is excellent news for California businesses and local law enforcement agencies. But in the meantime, there’s plenty that individual owners can do to secure their premises, beginning with remote security monitoring. 

What is remote security monitoring? 

Security Camera Monitoring Service

Remote security monitoring will keep your business protected 24/7 because let’s face it – thieves will strike at any time. This solution works by having video surveillance cameras set up at critical points around the perimeter of your premises and internally as required. Footage will be monitored around the clock and 365 days of the year, so you’re never without protection. 

Wondering how effective remote security cameras are? Our systems: 

  • are weatherproof
  • use motion detection 
  • capture footage in high-quality definition 
  • have night vision capabilities. 

Do remote security cameras need cables? 

Remote Construction Site Monitoring

Remote security systems can be based on wireless technology, which is useful for monitoring unoccupied premises or those under construction where connectivity is an issue. Wireless security systems are entirely reliable and use GSM or point-to-point technology. You can check in on your remote feed at any time from a desktop or mobile device. 

GSM technology

GSM, or Global System for Mobile Communication is a cellular network designed to create fast and secure wireless communications. In remote security monitoring, the GSM Cellular communicators send signals to both the central monitoring stations and battery powered devices, to create a clear and direct network. 

Point-to-point security 

In this model, wireless cameras are erected on light poles, providing a clear line of sight. These poles are often already present in business areas and allow the height to communicate directly without barriers. 

Is remote monitoring better than on-site security? 

On-site security guards continue to have a place in business security. Their presence is a fantastic physical deterrent to criminals. It’s also helpful to have guards on-site to deal with out-of-hours contractors and check for maintenance issues like a broken fence during a storm. 

However, remote security monitoring is superior to on-site security for the following reasons:

  • Video surveillance cameras are more cost-effective than paying a 24/7 salary for a series of guards. 
  • There’s no shift handover as there is with guards or risk of gaps in your security schedule.  
  • Remote security cameras can’t be bribed, won’t call in sick, and won’t be late due to traffic. 

What is the difference between remote security monitoring and verification? 

Video monitoring and verification will both keep your business premises secure without the need for an on-site guard. However, the strategy is slightly different for each. 

Video monitoring

Video monitoring means that security specialists will be watching your remote security cameras in real-time. This proactive approach allows the team to perceive threats and respond accordingly before any breach occurs. Video monitoring uses: 

  • motion-detection software
  • analytics software 
  • loud-speakers to communicate directly with intruders. 

Video verification

By comparison, video verification is more reactive than proactive. When your remote security cameras detect a potential intrusion, footage of the incident will be sent to the security monitoring station. Your security agents will review the surveillance feed and determine if the event is an actual breach or a false alarm. 

In both security monitoring and verification, authorities will be called to respond to an intrusion. They will usually be on-site within minutes to confront the trespassers. 

Who needs remote security monitoring? 

remote access security camera system

Any type of business can benefit from remote security monitoring. Safe and Sound Security regularly provide video security systems for the following types of businesses.

  • Hotelsoccupied buildings need security just as much as vacant properties. Keep your hotel guests and staff safe by using a managed surveillance monitoring system. 
  • Cannabisan intrusion at your facility could damage your entire business. Use a video security system, and you’ll also satisfy stringent State of California laws. These dictate where the cameras are placed, how they should be mounted, and how long you must keep footage for. 
  • Retail – smash and grab retail crime is rife in California. Remote security monitoring systems with analytics rely on facial recognition features to keep known criminals away from your retail business. 
  • Construction siteprotect your equipment and prevent material theft using remote security cameras. These are easy to install, so the position and number of these can adapt to the scope of your project. 
  • Commercial buildings –  sensors will be placed at strategic points around your premises to monitor for any unauthorized action. 
  • Warehouse– these are often largescale spaces to secure with multiple entry points, so you’ll need an advanced remote security solution to prevent inventory shrinkage at your storage facility
  • Manufacturing – our security cameras enable remote monitoring of your plant. This enhances security, production visibility, and quality control. For added safety, you can add cameras next to dangerous machines to detect and troubleshoot any mechanical issues that arise. 
  • Officeswhether you need to secure a single office or an entire corporate office block, our state-of-the-art security cameras are crucial to protecting your business. Combine remote security with access control to gain a log of all door entry events so you know precisely who is on-site and when they were there. 

Can video monitoring be paired with analytics? 

Yes, absolutely. Video analytics is an important component of remote monitoring solutions and is instrumental in detecting: 

  • fraud
  • theft 
  • crime 

Artificial intelligence produces heat maps of high-traffic areas and uses facial recognition to assess any security risks to your premises. This AI data is useful in video analytics as it constantly assesses footage to pick out any suspicious activities or individuals in the vicinity. 

Arrange your remote security monitoring today 

Safe and Sound Security offer a range of superior security solutions to protect your business premises. With years of training and expertise in the design, integration, and installation of security systems, we’re the top choice if you want to protect your property and your profits. Learn more about our video monitoring and verification surveillance services by booking a demo with our team. 

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